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Introducing our Silicone Bead Leopard and Pink Grandma Wristlet Keychain - a stylish and sentimental accessory designed to keep your keys secure and your heart close. Crafted with love, this keychain features a blend of trendy aesthetics and heartfelt customization options. The keychain's focal point is a delightful combination of silicone beads, adorned with a striking leopard print and a soothing shade of pink. These beads not only add a pop of fashion-forward style to your everyday essentials but also provide a comfortable grip when carrying your keys. What sets this wristlet keychain apart is the wooden printed beads that come with options for customization.   "Mimi" to create a truly personalized accessory that pays tribute to the special grandmother in your life. Whether it's a thoughtful gift for a beloved grandma or a charming addition to your own keyring, this wristlet keychain is bound to make a statement.
WRISTLET Gift MIMI Sale price$20.00