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You Drink too Much You have Questionable Morals
Too Old For TikTok Birthday Card
You are One Fabulous Bitch
You Are The Very Best MOM Notecard
Thank You For Tolerating Me Notecard
Thank You OMG Thank You Notecard
Age Only Matters If You Are Cheese Happy Birthday Notecard
You Are My Sunshine Mini Notecard
Crap I Gotta Do Skinny Notepad
You Can Do Hard Things Notecard
You're The Bees Knees Friendship Card Notecard
Congrats On Your Tax Deduction Notecard
Today Maybe Shitty Notecard
Shit I Forgot Your BDay Notcard
Shit Just Got Real Congrats Notecard
Happy Anniversary To My Partner In Crime
Happy Birthday to My Favorite Human Ever
Mofo's You Need to Prove Wrong
Love You More Than Carbs And Sugar Notecard
Things Could Be Worse Notecard